Reports for 2019-07-28

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7/28/19 - 2330hrs Supplemental report

* Gilroy, CA: [UPDATE] From the Press Conference - 3 have been killed, ABC is reporting that a 3-year-old boy was among those killed, and 15 injured. The attacker was also killed (Not included in the count of 3). A second person has been reported but police have not confirmed there was a second person. The attacker gained access by cutting a security fence and entering from a creek near one of the parking areas. From Gilroy Police: Witness line and family reunification line: 408-846-0583. If you saw something today please call that number immediately. Please keep the main GPD line for emergencies only. Media please do not call that line. A media line will be posted soon. Information still developing [END UPDATE]. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey