Reports for 2018-04-26

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04/26/18 - 0547hrs Daily report, California State Militia

#Me2A * Santa Clara County, CA: Community Summit on Firearms and Safety. Saturday, April 28th. See our Events page for full details. * The Korean DMZ will host the meeting between North and South on Friday. It is the first time in almost a decade that the two countries have met. The discussion will revolve around the de-nuclearizing of the North and possibly some type of reunification. * Sacramento, CA: A man suspected of being the “Golden State Killer” has been arrested. He was a former police officer. DNA was used to solve the case. * Washington, DC: During an interview with the talk show “Fox & Friends” President Trump called James Comey a “liar and a leaker” as well as saying that he is “guilty of crimes.” -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * There are no active watches, warnings or advisories -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0620hrs. Sunset - 1952hrs. * Partly Cloudy * Cooling Highs hitting 71 - lows toward 47 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. High allergy alert from grass, no allergy alert for weeds * Partly cloudy and cooling. Friday will be sunny, Sat – Mon will be partly cloudy and temperatures will be upper 60s through the weekend. They start to rise again Monday. Our rain now looks like small chances of pop up showers in the overnight hours…I think summer is getting ready to start. - Ring of Fire * Southern California is seeing a cluster of quakes in the last 24hrs. 3.9 & 2.5 NNE of Borrego Springs, 2.7 & 2.9 NE of Aguanga, 3.2 NNE of Moreno Valley, 2.9 WNW of Ludlow, 2.6 NW of Desert Center, CA. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… * Santa Clara County Summit on Firearms and Safety: April 28th. See our events page, sign up, show up! Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey