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02/16/18 - 1057hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Delta Co of the California State Militia is holding our annual Combat Lifesaving class this coming weekend in the Bay Area. This is a 2 day class and highly recommended for anyone that feels they are their family’s first responder. More details can be found here: * Des Moines, WA: Highline College, a community college is in lockdown after reports of gunfire. Police are on scene and evacuating buildings. Developing story, more as it becomes available. * Washington, DC: 13 Russian nationals 3 Russian entities have been indicted by a federal grand jury for interfering in U.S. elections. The announcement came from the office of Robert Mueller. “They are accused of spreading derogatory information about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, denigrating Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio -- and supporting Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and then-Republican candidate Donald Trump.” * Parkland, FL: -UPDATE- The FBI failed to investigate a specific report from this past January. A person close to the shooter called the FBI and provided information on his identity, location, guns owned, disturbing social media posts and his desire to kill people specifically his potential of a school shooting. The FBI has said that the tip should have been investigated and protocols were not followed. –UPDATE END- 17 are confirmed dead, 13 more wounded from the shooting yesterday at a High School. There were many warning signs that this individual was unstable. This person was expelled from the school even. It is now known that he posted that “Im going to be a professional school shooter” and that information was given to the FBI 6 months ago. The FBI apparently didn’t have enough information to investigate. [Ed] This is not a condemnation of the FBI though. The responsibility of this heinous act lies solely with the perpetrator and partially on the shoulders of a society that is fueling these attacks. * Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Brazilian government has placed the military in charge of security for the state of Rio de Janeiro in response to gang violence that has spiraled out of control since Rio carnival. During the annual festival that makes Rio famous, gun fights erupted, looting was widespread and violent clashes erupted that claimed the lives of 3 police officers. -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Wind Advisory: Modoc County FTX Weather – San Leandro – Feb 17-18 * Sunrise - 0701hrs. Sunset - 1923hrs. * Sunny * Sat - High hitting 65 - lows toward 46. Sun – High 59 – low 43 -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0656hrs. Sunset - 17497hrs. * Sunny * Highs hitting 69 - lows toward 42 * High Allergy Alert from Trees. Low allergy alert from grass, no allergy alert for weeds * Temperatures will continue to hover in the upper 60s with cooler nights and sunshine. We will break 70 on Saturday but by Sunday/ Monday drop into the mid 50s for daytime highs. The rain that was looming for the weekend has been reduced to a very small chance early Sunday morning. Next week will be sunny but much cooler with highs in the mid 50s and overnights in the mid 30s. - Ring of Fire * 5.2 SW of Adak, Alaska. 5.0 ESE of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. 5.3 SE of Amahai, Indonesia. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Syria: -UPDATE- Northern Syria: YPG seems to be getting knocked out of a lot of towns and villages by the combined Turkis/ FSA troops with Turkish air support. This is leading to a meeting between Pro-Assad, YPG and the Russians on how to counter the Turkish offensive. Eastern Syria: Some airstrikes from U.S. coalition forces. Damascus, Syria: No new news. –END UPDATE- [Thursday] Eastern Syria: U.S. led Coalition warplanes led airstrikes over the town of Hajin. In Tabiyah Jazeera, an explosion at a warehouse killed 23 people. It might have been weapons depot and it seems in addition to the casualties there were also 15 Russian “security staff” killed. The cause of the explosion is currently unknown. U.S. troops have mobilized to CONOCO fields after receiving information that and attack by pro-Assad militias is imminent. * Northern Syria: All out battles continue with Turkish forces using rockets and artillery as well as attack helicopters to hit any target they believe to be YPG militia. This has led to an increase in civilian casualties and deaths. YPG militia members are now dressing in civilian attire to try to make it more difficult for the Turkish spotters and intelligence. Turkey also brought in M60 U.S. made battle tanks as well as currently are bringing a large military convoy into Idlib to fight YPG. FSA is working with the Turks and has captured numerous villages now from YPG forces. In contrast, the citizens of many towns that are being attacked are marching in resistance to the Turkish offensive. Along with all of this, Russian AF is also running airstrikes against towns and villages, their targets are not as clear, meaning it doesn’t appear they are targeting YPG or any specific group. Syrian government is calling on Turkey to implement a de-escalation zone in N. Homs and S. Hama. * Damascus, Syria: Shelling and airstrikes are hitting mostly residential areas in the eastern suburbs where anti-government rebels backed by the U.S. are making a stand. A tunnel being used by Government forces to infiltrate into the eastern suburbs was discovered and blown up. [Wednesday] The Pro-Assad government has warned Israel of ‘more surprises’. The comment comes after managing to shoot down an Israeli F16 over the weekend. That was the first Israeli warplane shot down in many years. Shelling continues to hit eastern Damascus, hammering supposed rebel positions but creating mostly civilian casualties, no new numbers available for today. At Dahar AlGhozat in the north (Turkish invasion area) Turkish backed rebels attacked ISIS positions in Idlib creating a large number of casualties and forcing them south to engage with and ultimately surrender to the FSA. The Free Syrian Army (FSA – created at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, started as a group of officers that left the Syrian armed forces and created the FSA with the goal of bringing down the government of Assad.) killed double digits of ISIS fighters and then forced a surrender of hundreds of ISIS fighters. Afrin/ Northern Syria: Turkish air strikes an artillery continue to hit Afrin as small arm engagements around the suburbs between Turkish and YPG forces continue. 3 rockets hit an Afrin hospital killing one civilian and wounding many. New information is reporting that Turkish airpower destroyed a YPG held 135th Brigade base outside of Afrin. The Turkish forces and FSA appear to be working together attacking ISIS as well as YPG positions across the north with Turkish airpower providing support. The Turks continue to roll armor into the northern Syria. At Tabiyah, Eastern Syria: This is a new front that we have not been reporting on but it is heating up quickly. A U.S. Reaper drone destroyed a Russian T-72 battle tank as Russian mercenary and pro-Assad forces fired on U.S. Special Forces and allied Syrian fighters. No U.S. or allied casualties, the three member tank crew was killed. There are multiple reports of skirmishes in this area involving ground troops supported by armor or artillery. U.S. led airstrikes, mostly drones, have hit artillery installations as well as possible other Russian tanks besides the one listed above. The only casualties being reported so far are about 5-7 additional Russian mercenaries (yes that is what we are calling them…but in all likely-hood they are Russian Special Forces playing the opposite roll of U.S. SF). [Monday] The man who will not die, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is being reported as alive after being wounded in an airstrike. Baghdadi is the current leader of ISIS. An Iraqi official and the Iraqi intelligence and counterterrorism department is claiming to have information and documents from sources inside ISIS that prove Baghdadi is being treated in a field hospital in northeastern Syria. * The UN is making an urgent plea to all parties involved in Syria, noting that the worst fighting of the entire conflict has occurred in the last couple of weeks since the United Nations called for a month-long ceasefire. Meanwhile fighting, including street to street continues in eastern suburbs of Damascus with the Syrian Airforce launching more airstrikes and Artillery also pounding the area in support of the pro-Assad forces. In northern Syria the Turkish advance continues with airstrikes as well as helicopter sorties striking mostly villages and towns believed to hold Kurdish YPG Militia elements. Israel has increased its airstrikes inside Syria after Saturday. On Saturday, Iranian forces sent a drone into occupied Golan Heights. Israel shot down the drone and then sent warplanes to attack Iranian Command & Control bases inside Syria where the drone was launched from. One Israeli f16 was shot down during the attack. Israel has continued launching strikes targeting Iranian and Hezbollah forces to ensure that they do not get a foothold of power in Syria. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… * There is a movement boiling up, that recognizes that mass shootings started at a particular time in this Country, which recognizes that the problem is not guns but social… This is not the easy path. The easy path is to ban an inanimate object. In fact, certain powers want this so badly that they manipulate the numbers and stats and prey upon the emotions to move the needle and assault the Rights of legal citizens. To find the ailment and adjust it is much more difficult. Even if we find and know what it is, it will be a struggle, perhaps even a war to make the change necessary to re-establish safety in Our country. If industries such as Facebook want to remove fake news, they need to ban groups like “Everytown for Gun safety” until they adjust their propaganda to be facts. The amount of propaganda being spewed by groups and news companies that can be debated or even debunked with minimal research is at an all-time high. The truth now matters less than the message and the end goal. We see this literally every day from Facebook to our news sources to our local, state and federal elected representatives. We need to get rid of “Gun Free Zones” because that is where all the mass shooters go…when was the last time a mass shooter went to a gun range, gun show, police station ect? They don’t, they look for places where we remove all protections and expect rules and signs to defend citizens… Anti-2A folks always ask me “what if it were your child’s school, your child killed?” Oh, I’d blame the shooter…and every coward that wouldn’t allow individuals to protect themselves with the one proven thing that stops a shooter… another person with a gun. We have been saying for years now that “Gun Free Zones” don’t protect our children. Because after every shooting when every single anti-gun person comes to us and says “You have blood on your hands, what are you going to do about it!” we offer the suggestion to put armed people into the schools. Arm the teachers that want to train and carry. Allow Vets to train and carry on campus. Allow more individual citizens to carry concealed. Yes they all need to be trained and most gun folks I know agree that training is essential and do as much as they can. That is a dark place for me; yes I control that daily fear of my children at school… I try to convince those that would listen that we need more than a sign. Any person that steals a firearm or uses a firearm to commit a crime needs to be severely punished. Yet in California, the State government has lowered the crime of stealing a firearm to a misdemeanor…How does this help? What message does this send? These are the things that we need to change again. The problem is our society…more and more people are waking up to this. More and more realize that Freedom doesn’t mean do whatever you want, freedom means responsibility for yourself and those around you. The American Way is not majority rules and every individual gets special Rights. The American way is Liberty, justice and equality for all. Do not allow the horns of doom to sway you. Stand for your rights or lose them for yourself and every generation to come… Thought of the day: See above Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey