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02/14/18 - 1138hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Delta Co of the California State Militia is holding our annual Combat Lifesaving class this coming weekend in the Bay Area. This is a 2 day class and highly recommended for anyone that feels they are their family’s first responder. More details can be found here: * Fort Meade, MD: Shots were fired after a black SUV ran into a barrier outside the National Security Agency campus. The SUV was surrounded and local authorities had a handcuffed man in custody. There is no word on injuries or motive as yet but Federal and local agencies have both said there is no additional threat. Due to the proximity to main commuting arteries, civilians have in the past gotten off at the wrong exit here before. They are engaged by very heavily armed Federal agents but as long as they follow directions, are able to turn around and leave. Incidents in the past have led to the Federal agents firing on vehicles where passengers did not follow instructions. * San Ramon, CA: A High School in San Ramon has banned the National Anthem from pep rallies because they deemed it racist. They cite the third stanza which is never sung. The third stanza states “No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”. It should be noted that hireling refers to mercenaries and slave to slave…which was the practice of the day not only in the fledgling new Country fighting the British Empire, but in many parts of the world at that time. It should also be noted that the slaves referred to in the song were part of and an all black military regiment of freed slaves that had been organized by the British to fight the colonists. The long and short of it is that we need to stop throwing the baby out with the bath water. Slavery has been a scourge on this earth and a part of the worse elements of humanity for thousands of years and still exists today (ISIS sex slaves). It is incumbent that we as humans always fight to wipe any type of slavery from existence. Isn’t it more powerful though when we hold true that “The land of the free” includes people of all races, ethnicities and religious beliefs? Are we not ‘more’ when we can show that we fought a Civil War to end slavery? That whites and blacks, men and women, worked together in the 60’s as Freedom Riders? I know some of those people…one is even a conservative…. But he believes in equality for all “O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Lake Wind Advisory: Greater Lake Tahoe Area FTX Weather – San Leandro – Feb 17-18 * Sunrise - 0701hrs. Sunset - 1923hrs. * Sunny * Sat - High hitting 65 - lows toward 46. Sun – High 59 – low 43 -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0658hrs. Sunset - 1746hrs. * Mostly Sunny * Highs hitting 64 - lows toward 40 * High Allergy Alert from Trees. Low allergy alert from grass, no allergy alert for weeds * Temperatures will continue to hover in the upper 60s with cooler nights and sunshine. We will break 70 on Saturday but by Monday drop into the mid 50s for daytime highs. The rain that was looming for the weekend has disappeared leaving only the tiniest of chances for Saturday into Sunday. Next week will be sunny but much cooler with highs in the mid 50s and overnights in the mid 30s. - Ring of Fire * 2.7 W of Imperial. 2.6 N of Santa Paula, CA. 5.5 WSW of Dobo, Indonesia. 5.1 ESE of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. 5.0 W of Lambasa, Fiji. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA and other U.S. intelligence agencies are warning against Americans buying or using smartphones made by Chinese electronics company Huawei as well as security concerns with Chinese telecom company ZTE. The threat is to the U.S. telecommunications network. China has been trying various attempts to ‘break into’ the U.S. market by creating deals with AT&T and other companies to use the Chinese phones. The AT&T deal was killed but the intelligence community believes these attempts will become more aggressive in the future. * Mali: French forces led an offensive in the northern part of the country near the Algerian border against jihadist terrorists killing 10 with a combination of air power and ground forces. The French are helping former colonies fight back against militant Islamic extremists and are also assisting Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso in the fight against radical groups. * Damascus, Syria: -UPDATE- The Pro-Assad government has warned Israel of ‘more surprises’. The comment comes after managing to shoot down an Israeli F16 over the weekend. That was the first Israeli warplane shot down in many years. Shelling continues to hit eastern Damascus, hammering supposed rebel positions but creating mostly civilian casualties, no new numbers available for today. At Dahar AlGhozat in the north (Turkish invasion area) Turkish backed rebels attacked ISIS positions in Idlib creating a large number of casualties and forcing them south to engage with and ultimately surrender to the FSA. The Free Syrian Army (FSA – created at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, started as a group of officers that left the Syrian armed forces and created the FSA with the goal of bringing down the government of Assad.) killed double digits of ISIS fighters and then forced a surrender of hundreds of ISIS fighters. Afrin/ Northern Syria: Turkish air strikes an artillery continue to hit Afrin as small arm engagements around the suburbs between Turkish and YPG forces continue. 3 rockets hit an Afrin hospital killing one civilian and wounding many. New information is reporting that Turkish airpower destroyed a YPG held 135th Brigade base outside of Afrin. The Turkish forces and FSA appear to be working together attacking ISIS as well as YPG positions across the north with Turkish airpower providing support. The Turks continue to roll armor into the northern Syria. At Tabiyah, Eastern Syria: This is a new front that we have not been reporting on but it is heating up quickly. A U.S. Reaper drone destroyed a Russian T-72 battle tank as Russian mercenary and pro-Assad forces fired on U.S. Special Forces and allied Syrian fighters. No U.S. or allied casualties, the three member tank crew was killed. There are multiple reports of skirmishes in this area involving ground troops supported by armor or artillery. U.S. led airstrikes, mostly drones, have hit artillery installations as well as possible other Russian tanks besides the one listed above. The only casualties being reported so far are about 5-7 additional Russian mercenaries (yes that is what we are calling them…but in all likely-hood they are Russian Special Forces playing the opposite roll of U.S. SF). –END UPDATE- [Monday] The man who will not die, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is being reported as alive after being wounded in an airstrike. Baghdadi is the current leader of ISIS. An Iraqi official and the Iraqi intelligence and counterterrorism department is claiming to have information and documents from sources inside ISIS that prove Baghdadi is being treated in a field hospital in northeastern Syria. * The UN is making an urgent plea to all parties involved in Syria, noting that the worst fighting of the entire conflict has occurred in the last couple of weeks since the United Nations called for a month-long ceasefire. Meanwhile fighting, including street to street continues in eastern suburbs of Damascus with the Syrian Airforce launching more airstrikes and Artillery also pounding the area in support of the pro-Assad forces. In northern Syria the Turkish advance continues with airstrikes as well as helicopter sorties striking mostly villages and towns believed to hold Kurdish YPG Militia elements. Israel has increased its airstrikes inside Syria after Saturday. On Saturday, Iranian forces sent a drone into occupied Golan Heights. Israel shot down the drone and then sent warplanes to attack Iranian Command & Control bases inside Syria where the drone was launched from. One Israeli f16 was shot down during the attack. Israel has continued launching strikes targeting Iranian and Hezbollah forces to ensure that they do not get a foothold of power in Syria. [Sunday] The U.S. backed YPG Kurdish militia in northern Syria Afrin region has been under attack for the last couple of weeks by an attack from Turkey that has literally invaded northern Syria. Turkey believes that the YPG are terrorists and an off-shoot of the PKK which the Turks, the European Union and even the U.S. consider a terrorist group. The U.S. has supported the YPG as one of the most effective groups battling ISIS in Syria and most of the time the YPG fights against Pro-Assad forces. However The Assad Regime, along with Russian and Iranian support, is sending humanitarian aid, logistics support and turning a blind eye to YPG troop movements to support the YPG in Afrin against the Turkish invasion. So while Assad is not sending troops to “support” being offered will make it easier for YPG to gather and move their own reinforcements into the Afrin region [Saturday] An Iranian drone crossed from Syria into occupied Golan Heights. This caused Israel to launch a combat helicopter to intercept and shoot down the drone. The Israelis then launched warplanes that went into Syria and struck Iranian bases and control systems. During the airstrike Syrian Anti-air fire critically struck an Israeli F16. The jet crashed on its return to Israel, the current report is that the pilot was injured but in Israeli care. Syrian State television called out Israeli aggression for targeting a Syrian Army base in the central region of the country. In response Syria shot down more than one Israeli warplane (The Israelis are still saying only one plane was shot down with a pilot and REO). * Afrin Region, Northern Syria: 2 Turkish soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Syrian Kurdish fighters. * Damascus, Syria: A report just released called the Bild report claims that the rockets used in the recent chemical attacks in Syria that poisoned dozens of civilians were made in Germany. It seems that Iranian shell companies, possibly owned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (yes that one) purchased the rockets from Germany. Germany’s BAFA (export control agency) sent a denial to Fox news regarding the report stating in short that technology was exported that could be used for civilian or military use so was not banned. Germany is Iran’s largest European trading partner. In 2016 alone, Iran made nearly 40 attempts to obtain nuclear and missile technology in Germany. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… Thought of the day: See the news stories above… I pontificated a little there… Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey