Reports for 2018-02-10

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02/10/18 - 1015hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Washington, DC: The Democratic version of “The Memo” has not been released yet as the White House says that classified material needs to be removed or redacted from it before it is released. * South Korea: Kim Jung Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to a summit in the North. The South Korean President acknowledged that the two countries needed to continue working on creating an atmosphere that would make that possible and also encouraged North Korea to open dialogue with the United States. -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Wind Advisory: Indian Wells Valley; Kern County Mountains; Southeastern Kern County Desert, Death Valley National Park; Owens Valley; White Mountains of Inyo County, Cadiz Basin; Eastern Mojave Desert, Including the Mojave National Preserve; San Bernardino County-Upper Colorado River Valley, North Bay Mountains, Los Angeles County Mountains excluding the Santa Monica Range; Ventura County Mountains, Antelope Valley, Chiriaco Summit; Chuckwalla Mountains; Chuckwalla Valley; Imperial County Southeast; Imperial Valley; Joshua Tree NP East; Palo Verde Valley, Carquinez Strait and Delta; Central Sacramento Valley; Clear Lake, Southern Lake County; Mountains Southwestern Shasta County to Northern Lake County; Northern Sacramento Valley; Southern Sacramento Valley, West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada; Western Plumas County, Lassen Park, * Red Flag Warning: Riverside County Mountains-Including The San Jacinto Ranger District Of The San Bernardino National Forest; San Bernardino County Mountains-Including The Mountain Top And Front Country Ranger Districts Of The San Bernardino National Forest; San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys - The Inland Empire; San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning; Santa Ana Mountains-Including The Trabuco Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest, Los Angeles County Mountains, Angeles National Forest; Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area; Ventura County Mountains, Los Padres National Forest * Lake Wind Advisory: Greater Lake Tahoe Area * High Wind Watch: Los Angeles County Mountains excluding the Santa Monica Range; Ventura County Mountains, Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0703hrs. Sunset - 1742hrs. * Sunny * Highs hitting 70 - lows toward 42 * High Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, no allergy alert for weeds * This weekend will be upper 60s and mostly sunny carrying that forecast into the beginning of next week. There will be mostly sunny days with temperatures in the upper 60s through next week. Chances of rain begin on Friday of next week with another possible shower later in the weekend. - Ring of Fire * 2.5 SSE of San Juan Batista, 3.2 WNW of The Geysers, CA. 5.2 SSW of Kiska Volcano, Alaska. 5.1 S of Gataivai, Samoa, 5.6 SW of Ndoi Island, Fiji. 5.1 N of Veinte de Noviembre, Mexico - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Damascus, Syria: -UPDATE- An Iranian drone crossed from Syria into occupied Golan Heights. This caused Israel to launch a combat helicopter to intercept and shoot down the drone. The Israelis then launched warplanes that went into Syria and struck Iranian bases and control systems. During the airstrike Syrian Anti-air fire critically struck an Israeli F16. The jet crashed on its return to Israel, the current report is that the pilot was injured but in Israeli care. Syrian State television called out Israeli aggression for targeting a Syrian Army base in the central region of the country. In response, Syria shot down more than one Israeli warplane (The Israelis are still saying only one plane was shot down with a pilot and REO). * Afrin Region, Northern Syria: 2 Turkish soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by Syrian Kurdish fighters. * Damascus, Syria: A report just released called the Bild report claims that the rockets used in the recent chemical attacks in Syria that poisoned dozens of civilians were made in Germany. It seems that Iranian shell companies, possibly owned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (yes that one) purchased the rockets from Germany. Germany’s BAFA (export control agency) sent a denial to Fox News regarding the report stating in short that technology was exported that could be used for civilian or military use so was not banned. Germany is Iran’s largest European trading partner. In 2016 alone, Iran made nearly 40 attempts to obtain nuclear and missile technology in Germany. [Friday] Continued air strikes have hit Eastern Ghouta today making 5 days of air strikes and artillery barrages on the rebel-held enclave in the eastern suburbs of Damascus. The death toll of civilians is believed to be more than 240 including 60 children. Negotiations for a temporary ceasefire through the UN Security Council to attend to the wounded and deliver humanitarian aid have failed mostly due to Russia not supporting it and declaring it “not realistic”. Russia considers the rebels to be terrorists and supports the Assad regime’s offensives against those groups. On Friday, French President Macron has asked Russian President Putin to help ease the civilian suffering. Wait, it gets better…The U.S. coalition airstrike from Thursday that killed 100 fighters… was actually a strike against pro-Assad regime fighters, protecting the U.S. supported/ backed rebels. The Syrian government has condemned the air strike as a war crime…and I haven’t even gotten to Northern Syria…see why I put the whole week timeline in for you? *Afrin Region, Northern Syria: Turkish warplanes resumed air strikes after more than a week killing 7 Kurdish YPG militia and 2 civilians. The airstrikes had paused after Syrian anti-government insurgents (who may or may not have been affiliates of al Qaida) shot down a Russian warplane in a different area of Syria. The pause allowed Russia to work on its air defense system (I think this is awkwardly reported – best bet is that the pause was to allow the Russians to tinker with their warplanes AA defense systems to try to better avoid ground-based anti-aircraft attacks – perhaps sharing this with Turkey since they have been very cordial with each other during this offensive…Oh yeah, Turkey is a NATO member…). [Thursday] The Russian’s are raising an airstrike at the U.N. to complain about U.S. striking Syrian Government forces. The rare U.S. coalition air strike is being reported as “Self-defense’ “citing a major attack on its allied forces and U.S. advisers in Deir el-Zour province by 500 fighters. A U.S. military official earlier said about 100 of the attackers were killed in the overnight strike.” Syria is calling the U.S. Airstrike an effort to support terrorism. The United States State Department is ‘extremely concerned’ about the growing violence and attacks killing “dozens” of civilians. This quote was not attributed directly to anyone but the article stated: “The United States says Syrian President Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons and bombings against civilians "must stop now."” We all remember what happened last time Assad didn’t listen when told to stop using chemical weapons… [Wednesday] Russian and Government airstrikes and artillery continue pounding opposition-held suburbs outside of Damascus, reports of 38 dead civilians on Tuesday was raised to 60. 10-23 more are believed to have been killed today. France’s foreign minister said Wednesday that Assad’s government forces are likely using chlorine gas in the latest attacks on rebel-held areas. A U.N. mandated investigator said his team was investigating two instances that weaponized chlorine bombs are alleged to recently have been used. In Northern Syria, Afrin region, Syrian Kurdish fighters and Syrian State media reported that Turkish forces shelled a primary school and water plant. Turkish forces denied it. – [Tuesday] Turkish President Erdogan is calling on the U.S. to withdraw troops from the Syrian town of Manbij so that the Turkish military and militia groups can continue an operation against militant Kurds which are backed by the U.S. The Russians, with the help of Turkey, have repatriated the body of the pilot that was shot down yesterday and died after parachuting to the ground when he blew himself up with a grenade while being attacked by al Qaida forces. [Monday] Rebels in the eastern Ghouta suburbs were firing rockets and mortars into the Syrian capital. The rebels are under siege by Government forces that have been pounding the suburbs with airstrikes. In northwest Syria in the province of Idlib rebel fighters shot down a Russian plane. The pilot ejected and landed safely but then was apparently killed as he resisted capture by an al-Qaida-linked group. In the Afrin area where the Turkish offensive against the Kurdish YPG continues, a Turk soldier was killed by artillery. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… Thought of the day: I’m working on something but it can’t just be thrown into here quickly without some work. Have a great weekend! Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey