Reports for 2018-01-17

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01/17/18 - 0933hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Northern California: San Francisco and other “Sanctuary cities” in northern California may be the target of ICE enforcement with the Bay Area being the targeted area. The information comes from an anonymous source familiar with the operation and is expected in the next couple of weeks. * California: A new movement to create a separate state of California is underway. This effort is to create a “New California” that will separate the liberal coastal areas from the remainder of the state. The movement is sparked by the years of over taxation, regulation and single party politics. Unfortunately, like the State of Jefferson idea…this will not benefit conservative thinkers in the Bay Area or along most of the coast from San Francisco to LA. More information can be found here: * Korea: In a very interesting turn of events, the Korea’s will carry one flag at the Olympics. They will also field a joint women’s ice hockey team. -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Dense Fog Advisory: East-Central San Joaquin Valley; Southeastern San Joaquin Valley; Southwestern San Joaquin Valley; West-Central San Joaquin Valley, San Luis Obispo County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County Central Coast; Santa Ynez Valley, Carquinez Strait and Delta; Central Sacramento Valley; Northern San Joaquin Valley; Southern Sacramento Valley, * High Surf Warning: Coastal North Bay Including Point Reyes National Seashore; San Francisco; San Francisco Peninsula Coast, Northern Monterey Bay; Southern Monterey Bay and Big Sur Coast, San Luis Obispo County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County Central Coast, Coastal Del Norte; Mendocino Coast; Northern Humboldt Coast; Southwestern Humboldt * High Surf Advisory: San Luis Obispo County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County Central Coast, Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands; Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles; Ventura County Coast, Orange County Coastal; San Diego County Coastal Areas * Winter Storm Watch: West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada; Western Plumas County, Lassen Park, Greater Lake Tahoe Area; Lassen-Eastern Plumas-Eastern Sierra Counties, Northern Humboldt Interior; Southern Humboldt Interior, Southern Trinity, * Special Weather Statement: Snow in Mono County Thursday night and Friday. -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0720hrs. Sunset - 1716hrs. * Mostly Cloudy, some sun in the afternoon * Highs hitting 66 - lows toward 50 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, none for weeds * Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a very small chance of rain and sun in the afternoon. Thursday and Friday looks like significant rain. Some sun on Saturday and then more rain into the following week. Temperatures will go from mid 60s and drop to mid 50s by the weekend. - Ring of Fire * 3.1 WSW of Toms Place, 2.5 WNW of The Geysers, CA. 5.2 W of Port-Vila, Vanuatu. 5.9 NNW of Ndoi Island, Fiji. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Afghanistan: New statistics from the U.S. Airforce show that more bombs were dropped in Afghanistan in 2017 than in 2012. This in large part due to President Trump’s administration “taking the gloves off” of the military planners and deciding to decisively attack the Taliban. * CIA/ China: Former CIA operative Jerry Chun Shing Lee was arrested on Monday at John F. Kennedy airport in New York. He is accused of national security-related crimes. It is believed that Lee has provided information to the Chinese government that has enabled it to dismantle the CIA’s network in China. This includes the death or imprisonment of up to 20 American agents. * China: The Chinese military is increasing the control of Communist ideology in the military. The military will create inspection teams to monitor and ensure that the Party principles and ideology is being promoted and followed in the military at all levels. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… * Thought of the day: “The only foundation of a free Constitution, is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our people, in a greater measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers, and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty.” –John Adams, letter to Zabdiel Adams, 1776 Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey