Reports for 2018-01-02

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01/02/18 - 1103hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Welcome to 2018 * San Jose, CA: The bomb squad has been dispatched to Terminal B of San Jose Mineta International Airport after a suspicious package, a backpack was found. Terminal B is currently closed as the investigation continues affecting Alaska and Southwest airlines. Developing story. * Washington, DC: President Trump is pushing again for investigations into the lack of security exercised with Classified information specifically by Huma Abedin. * California: Someone has taken the time to put up “Official Sanctuary City/State” signs in various parts of California. Interestingly the “prank” calls out the fallacies of illegal immigration by calling out the abuse of a cheap labor force and the loophole created that protects felons, criminals and international gangs such as MS-13. Some might call this a patriotic act… * Iran: Protests continue. 22 have died so far including a child and 8 others last night. The Iranian leadership is blaming other countries for fueling the protests that are the largest since 2009 disputed presidential election. The U.S. and President Trump have sent messages to both the Iranian people and the Iranian leadership, stating that “the world is watching”. So far it does not appear that aid is going to the protestors. -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Beach Hazards Statement: Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands; Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles; San Luis Obispo County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County South Coast; Ventura County Coast * Coastal Flood Watch: Northern Humboldt Coast, Coastal North Bay Including Point Reyes National Seashore; North Bay Interior Valleys; San Francisco; San Francisco Bay Shoreline; San Francisco Peninsula Coast; Southern Monterey Bay and Big Sur Coast -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0722hrs. Sunset - 1702hrs. * Mostly cloudy * Highs hitting 68 - lows toward 48 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, none for weeds * We will have mostly cloudy to partly cloudy days leading into the weekend. Most days will be lower to mid-60s. Thunderstorms are forecast to begin early Wednesday afternoon. Additional rain is expected Friday with chances of pop up showers in-between the major storms. The weekend looks dry with a limited chance of rain depending on where you are in the Bay area. FTX Weather – SF Bay Area – Jan 6th * Sunrise - 0722hrs. Sunset - 1505hrs. * Mostly sunny but cool * High hitting 60 - lows toward 42 * 20% chance of rain. Chance of rain highest from early morning through 0900hrs though pop up storms could happen throughout the day in the various microclimates. - Ring of Fire * 2.5 NE of Olancha, 2.5 NNE of Avenal, 2.8 SE of Pinnacles, CA. 5.0 NNE of Isangel, Vanuatu. 5.9 South of the Fiji Islands. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * A report from Kuwaiti media says that the U.S. and Israel have resolved Obama-era impasses with the Trump administration giving Israel the go ahead to kill a top Iranian General. U.S. intelligence agencies have signed off on the assassination plot of Maj. Gen Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani is believed responsible for key efforts to prop up Syria’s Assad, providing material and military support to Hezbollah and Hamas as well as other groups in Iraq and the region. In other words, this is the man that runs Iran’s support of external terrorist groups. The report also states that Israel came close to killing him three years ago but the Obama administration tipped off the Iranians. This also seems to go back to the accusations that the Obama Administration blocked U.S. intelligence missions against Hamas to preserve the Iranian nuclear deal. Lastly, the Kuwaiti source, al-Jarida, has published fantastical stories involving Israel in the past. This particular report however has been widely picked up by Israeli media. * North Korea: A South Korean source that reports on North Korea through a series of informants states that elements of the North Korean army are being given months of leave in order to scavenge for food. While food shortages are known to exist in the rogue regime, the extent due to poor agricultural resources, sanctions ect is often hard to gauge. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… * Do not give up, do not disappear…your voices are needed now more than ever. Thought of the day: The beginning of 2018 means the State of California has broken Federal law on illegal immigration, recreational use of marijuana and continues to strip citizens that have literally done nothing wrong of inalienable and Constitutional rights. In all honesty, though I think it will be detrimental, because I believe in individual freedom, I do believe that individuals of a certain age should be able to use marijuana for fun. The medical side is legit, just not the California distribution system (plus having actual legit research done would be good also). But it is illegal. Someone is going to bring up slavery in the comments, that slavery was legal and it was heroic and patriotic to break those laws, free slaves, fight a Civil War to end slavery. These are all true. I will not, however, view the recreational use of pot on the same level as owning other humans and treating them like property. If, however, we simply break the laws we don’t like, or worse yet, convince the population to vote against things we don’t like and call that legit, WE have ultimately helped a few corrupt politicians destroy Our State and undermine the foundations of the Republic. So the State has set the precedent, if you don’t believe in the laws, don’t follow the laws. You do not have to believe in The Constitution if you don’t want to and those are just suggestions that can be amended or erased as needed by cities, counties or states for the safety and greater good of the people. I am not condoning criminal acts, nor breaking the law. I am only pointing out a basic form of human interaction… we tend to follow, try and do what those on the pedestals around us do. This is how fashion crazes work, fidget spinners become popular and then disappear and even grassroots political movements or even revolutions start. The State has set the precedent. I wonder how those that give their consent to be governed will react? Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey