Reports for 2017-12-13

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12/13/17 - 1013hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Solar System: (How do like that opening?) The Geminid meteor shower will peak tonight and tomorrow night. Great chance to get out and see some shooting stars. * LA, CA: - Update – Most of the fires are being tamed and the containment is increasing significantly. The Thomas Fire by Ventura is still the largest focus at the moment and is 237,500 acres/ 25% contained. * Washington, DC: The Mueller investigation appears to be more and more of a Democratic Hit squad as insider bias continues to be uncovered. From extremely unprofessional texts about President Trump to staffing mostly staunch Democratic party supporting attorneys. * Alabama: Doug Jones, a Democrat, has defeated Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for a US Senate seat in Alabama. -Warnings/ Advisories (NOAA) * Red Flag Warning: Kern County Mountains; Sierra Nevada from Yosemite to Kings Canyon National Park; Tulare County Mountains, Orange County Inland; Riverside County Mountains-Including The San Jacinto Ranger District Of The San Bernardino National Forest; San Bernardino County Mountains-Including The Mountain Top And Front Country Ranger Districts Of The San Bernardino National Forest; San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys - The Inland Empire; San Diego County Inland Valleys; San Diego County Mountains-Including The Palomar And Descanso Ranger Districts of the Cleveland National Forest; Santa Ana Mountains-Including The Trabuco Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest, San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning, Santa Clarita Valley; Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area; Ventura County Coastal Valleys; Ventura County Interior Valleys, Los Angeles County Mountains, Angeles National Forest; Ventura County Mountains, Los Padres National Forest * Beach Hazards Statement: Coastal Del Norte; Mendocino Coast; Northern Humboldt Coast; Southwestern Humboldt * Fire Weather Watch: Lower Colorado River Valley, Ventura County Coast, Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles; Los Angeles County San Fernando Valley * Wind advisory: Cadiz Basin; Eastern Mojave Desert, Including the Mojave National Preserve; San Bernardino County-Upper Colorado River Valley -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0714hrs. Sunset - 1651hrs. * Sunny * Highs hitting 63 - lows toward 40 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, none for weeds * Sunny to partly cloudy through the week. Upper 60s – lower 70s. Weekend will be sunny with highs in the upper 60’s and lows in the lower 40s. Chance of rain more than a week out. - Ring of Fire * 2.5 ESE of Piru, 2.7 NW of Pinnacles, 3.0 NW of Honey Lake, CA. No 5.0 or higher in the Ring of Fire over the last 24hrs. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * USSR… er I mean Russia: The Russian military is upgrading and expanding its nuclear weapon capabilities. This includes improvements to underground facilities, modernizing the current arsenal and increasing the modern arsenal with low yield and very low yield warheads as well as strategic bombs. A DoD official told a media outlet the expansion is causing alarm and shows that Russia is looking for means and ways to get out of treaties that place various constraints on nuclear forces. Russia is also following a doctrine of deploying nuclear weapons in any war that they are involved in, though they have not used any yet. * North Korea: In what appears to be a reversal from the hard line of the Trump administration and even comments by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the State Department has stated that it is willing to sit down ‘face to face’ with the North Koreans without any preconditions. Sec Tillerson appears to be trying to find a way to at least get a conversation started with the rogue regime. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday …It’s going to get worse… * HR 38 the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act – FPC has put together a great FAQ section on the Bill. Good information to have. It can be found here: * Oppose S 1915: The Federal Handgun Ban (similar is HR 2380) Thought of the day: Christmas Traditions: Christmas lights. You know, it used to be just some lights on the Christmas tree. Then it was around the inside of the house, lights in the windows…. And then man discovered exterior Christmas lights and the neighborhood competition… er I mean spirit of decorating for the season. So here are a couple of videos to tempt you, challenge you or just get you into the Christmas spirit with some over the top Christmas lighting. Enjoy! Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey