Reports for 2017-10-27

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10/27/17 - 0932hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Washington, DC – UPDATE – This is literally getting zero coverage in most mainstream media outlets – Fusion GPS was hired and paid by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign for the dossier created about President Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has denied any knowledge of the creation of the dossier. GPS Fusion apparently hired a British Spy agent who went to the Kremlin for a manufactured file on Donald Trump. The investigation into Russian influence of the U.S. Presidential election is also turning. Once again the question of the uranium sold to Russia with the approval of the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is rearing its head. The FBI appears to have had knowledge of Russian bribery plots that include nuclear energy interests in the U.S. prior to the Obama administration. Robert Mueller is investigating dealings of Tony Podesta, a Democratic lobbyist as well as the brother of former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta. An FBI informant that has been denied the ability to testify by NDA’s in place from the prior administration has been cleared now to testify. That information is expected next week. * North Bay, San Francisco Bay Area – UPDATE – North Bay Fires are either 100% contained or in the upper 90% of being contained. Bear Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains is 100% contained. The devastation though will take months to get through…keep remembering your neighbors and donate as we head towards the holidays. * Spain/ Catalonia – Catalonia has declared independence. The Spanish government has instituted direct rule over Catalonia basically declaring the local government null and void (wish our Federal government would do that to California…). Right now the Spanish government will be taking over local police, regional finances and other services. The Spanish government has declared it will not “…allow some people to liquidate our constitution." (Again…I’m looking at you California). Currently major powers in the EU like Germany as well as the U.S. support the Spanish government. * North Korea – The rogue regime has again confirmed to CNN that their words should be taken seriously. They are referring to dropping a hydrogen bomb into the Pacific Ocean. -Warnings/ Advisories * Beach Hazards Statement: Coastal Del Norte; Mendocino Coast; Northern Humboldt Coast; Southwestern Humboldt, Coastal North Bay Including Point Reyes National Seashore; Northern Monterey Bay; San Francisco; San Francisco Peninsula Coast; Southern Monterey Bay and Big Sur Coast High Surf Advisory: San Luis Obispo County Central Coast; Santa Barbara County Central Coast -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0728hrs. Sunset - 1816hrs. * Sunny * Highs hitting 88 - lows toward 57 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, Low for weeds * Temperatures will be dropping as we go into Halloween weekend. Mid 80s Saturday, upper 70s Sunday and upper 60s/ lower 70s through the beginning of next week. - Ring of Fire * 2.8 NE of Borrego Springs, 3.7 NE of Avalon, 4.3 SW of Lompoc, 3.4 ENE of San Martin, 2.9 NNE of The Geysers, CA. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * New Valley Province, Egypt – Egyptian police killed 13 terrorists in a shootout. A raid on a farm that was apparently used for recruitment/ training led to the shootout. Assault rifles, explosive belts, organizational materials and religious books were all recovered from the location. The ‘type’ of terrorists has not been listed. - CA Firearms Laws: * The San Francisco Forty-Niners are teaming up with local law enforcement to encourage more people to give up their 2nd Amendment Rights. They call it “Common Sense” legislation and opposing bumpstocks. Using that tried and true mantra they will be using their status to raise funds to take away 2nd Amendment Rights. Thought of the day: This is Halloween weekend, slow down. It gets dark earlier and the kids will be excited and running around in all manner of costumes. Enjoy the moment; celebrate the changing of the seasons. Be safe and look after your communities and neighborhoods. That is where change can be the strongest, not on FB. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey

10/27/17 - 1644hrs Supplemental report California State Militia

* San Jose, CA – A fire at a junkyard in the Eastern San Jose Hills near Mt Pleasant is causing a huge black cloud of smoke to go into the air in the area. Firefighters are on scene and the smoke seems to be lessening at the moment. No structures are immediately threatened. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey