Reports for 2017-10-16

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10/16/17 - 1920hrs (Late edition) Daily report, California State Militia

* North Bay, San Francisco Bay Area – UPDATE – One firefighter has died as the water tender he was driving went off the road on a dangerous stretch. Prayers to his family, he died trying to help others. The fires are still raging but in many places containment is starting to get the upper hand. Evacuation orders are also being lifted in some areas Check with local authorities for first-hand information. The Nuns fire is probably the most dangerous at the moment but any of the active fires should be considered dangerous as a whole. If you want to volunteer, call the evacuation centers ahead of time and ask them when they need help. They will be happy to schedule your help. Be aware if you just show up you may be turned away as many places get large numbers of volunteers each day. Here is a list of evacuations and shelters to get you started: * Las Vegas: It has now been 6 days since Jesus Campos has been seen. The security guard was supposed to speak to press and was there on site, ready for the press interview when he literally disappeared as the Press conference started. To make it more unsettling, it is being reported that a text said Campos was taken to a UMC Quick Care facility – though we are not told which one, why or who sent the text. Campos has been hailed as a hero but at the same time his involvement, specifically if he was shot before or after the shooting had occurred has been in question with the timeline that officials continue to change. This is just one of the many discrepancies with the official reports on the Vegas shooting. These discrepancies are calling into question both the professionalism of the agencies investigating as well as their trustworthiness. In short, by their own hand they are fueling the conspiracy theories. * North Korea – NK deputy to the UN has said that a nuclear war may break out at any moment. The rogue regime continues to show again and again why they should not possess nuclear weapons and in fact why they are truly a rabid dog that should be dealt with. They also have claimed that the entire U.S. mainland is within their firing range and that they have the atomic bomb, H-bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them. -Warnings/ Advisories * Air Quality Alert: Fresno; Kern; Kings; Madera; Merced; San Joaquin; Stanislaus; Tulare -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0717hrs. Sunset - 1830hrs. * Partly Cloudy * Highs hitting 89 - lows toward 56 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, Moderate for weeds * Today will be the warmest day of the week. Temperatures will start dropping tomorrow hitting low 70s by Wednesday. Possible rain early AM on Friday. - Ring of Fire * 2.5 SW of Patterson, CA. 5.0 NNW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Mogadishu, Somalia – The car bomb that was initially reported on Saturday was actually two cars involved with the bombing. It is the deadliest attack in Somalia’s modern history. At least 300 people have been reported dead. - CA Firearms Laws: * Here come the bills – First one to oppose is from Feinstein- Bill S 1916 also HR 3947 More info and link to oppose here: * Same tyranny as yesterday. Thought of the day: Get rid of the guns. We hear it from celebrities, late night talk show hosts, pundits up and down the spectrum of the left. They make it too easy to take to many lives to quickly. Most of us that believe in the 2nd Amendment believe that you blame the evil in a human’s heart, not the tool that they use to kill. Still, 53 dead and 400+ injured by the Vegas shooter… But it is the evil in a human’s heart that is the cause. As horrific as Vegas was, Newtown is even more horrible. But again, these were broken souls that did these acts. Determined they will always find a way, and without guns, they could be even deadlier. Nice, France – 86 killed and over 300 taken to hospitals for injuries. The tool, 1 truck. Mogadishu, Somalia – Over 300 dead and hundreds of injured (so many they don’t have a solid number yet). Somalia is awash in guns, AK-47s are a common sight. RPGs are even a common sight. One might expect with that many dead that assault weapons and rocket launchers were used. No, those that want to really cause harm, they found a better way, more effective, more fearful…. They used 2 trucks and a lot of explosives. Guns are dangerous, but they are not unpredictably dangerous. Otherwise with 80 million plus owners in the United States, it would actually be the insane Armageddon that the Left wants to portray. Everywhere would be like south Chicago or worse. But it’s not, in fact when we do have a mass murder we find what the problem was. It is never that a gun has gone wild, rabid and shot a bunch of innocent people. It is always that a human has. Never forget that. Never forget that a human doesn’t need a gun to commit mass murder. The scary thing is that usually the damage is much worse when they don’t use a gun. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey