Reports for 2017-09-26

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09/26/17 - 0854hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Bay Area, CA – 4 Bay Area cities experienced a sharp increase in violent crime last year according to numbers from the FBI. Fremont, Berkeley, Hayward and San Jose were the 4 cities listed though 4 more had an increase in violent crime but a decrease in property crimes. San Jose had a 57% increase in murders while Fremont had a 25% increase in violent crime over all. * Bali, Indonesia – UPDATE – Scientists have stated that they have never recorded readings as high seismically as they did this past Monday for the Mt. Agung. There were 844 volcanic earthquakes yesterday and already 300-400 by mid-day today. The last time the volcano erupted was 1963, killing 1100 people. Mt. Agung has shown signs of magma rising and other concerning signs for the volcano. A 7.5 mile buffer zone has been created around the volcano for safety. 75,000 people have fled the Indonesian island due to fear of the volcano. * United States Marine Corps – A US Marine made history by completing the 13 week infantry officer training course and becoming the first female infantry officer in the Marines. -Warnings/ Advisories * Red Flag Warning: North Bay Mountains, East Bay Hills and the Diablo Range, Interior Mendocino; W Mendocino NF, E Mendocino Unit, Central Sacramento Valley including Glenn, Colusa, Yuba, Northern Sutter, Butte County Below 1000 Ft; E Mendocino NF; Eastern Delta; Eastern Portion of Shasta, Trinity NF; Lake County Portion of Lake-Nappa-Sonoma RU; Northern Motherlode From 1000 to 3000 Ft. From Yuba To Amador Counties; Northern Sacramento Valley to Southern Tehama County Line Below 1000 Ft; Northern Sierra Foothills from 1000 to 3000 Ft. Includes Nevada-Yuba-Placer RU and Anador-Eldorado RU; Northern Sierra Including Lassen NP and Plumas and Lassen NF, S West of the Sierra Crest - West of Evans Peak, Grizzly Peak, Beckworth Peak; Southern Motherlode From 1000 to 3000 Ft, Calaveras and Toulumne Counties; Southern Sacramento Valley In Yolo, Sacramento, Far Western Placer, Southern Sutter and Solano County Below 1000 Ft - Excludes the Delta; Southern and Eastern Mendocino NF, Southeast Edge Shasta, Trinity NF and Western Portions of Tahima, Glenn RU; Stanislaus National Forest; Tahoe - Eldorado National Forest -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0659hrs. Sunset - 1859hrs. * Sunny * Warming - Highs hitting 90 - lows toward 62 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. No allergy alert from grass, High for weeds * Temperatures will continue to rise to the 90s by Tuesday and Wednesday. Then will drop back to the mid 80s for Friday going into the weekend - Ring of Fire * 3.1 WSW of Ferndale, CA. 5.1 ENE of Langgen, Indonesia, 5.9 S of Taromn, Papua New Guinea. 5.1 N of Ndoi Islands, 6.4 South, Fiji Islands. 5.0 SW of Atocha, Bolivia - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Syria – Russian forces hit terrorist targets with Cruise missile attacks wiping out the terrorist targets. * West Bank, Israeli held – A Palestinian gunman killed 3 Israeli guards and wounded a 4th during an attack on a Jewish settlement. The gunman was shot and killed. - CA Firearms Laws: * Same tyranny as yesterday. Thought of the day: A group of people hold an election to create their own, free country. Another country opposes that election saying that it threatens their national security. That country also threatens severe embargoes and preventing oil and food shipments from crossing the border in to the area where the election is taking place. In fact the established country goes as far as to threaten military action if the steps are taken to create a new country. They are both allies of the United States…what do we do? Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey

09/26/17 - 1401hrs Supplemental report California State Militia

* Oakland, CA: 4 Alarm Fire in the Oakland Hills has caused the evacuation of Merritt College and about 50 homes are threatened. * Berkeley, CA – A Freedom march was started today. Members of Antifa have shown up as well. The situation is growing, if it follows the usual pattern, it will become more chaotic as the day goes on. If you are in the area of Sproul plaza beware of crowds and possible police action. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey

09/26/17 - 1577hrs Supplemental report California State Militia

* Berkeley, CA – Yvette Felarca, the radical leader of BAMN, was arrested this afternoon on suspicion of battery and resisting arrest and possibly other charges. She is already facing a Federal charge for inciting a riot. She is currently still employed as a middle school teacher at King Middle School in Berkely. An Oakland man, Brandon Witte, was arrested for illegal possession of body armor while being a violent felon. The Freedom march has progressed for the most part with a lack of violence and continued open dialogue between both sides. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey