Reports for 2017-09-02

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09/02/17 - 1007hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* Texas Coast – UPDATE – President Trump is making his second visit to the devastated areas in Texas and Louisiana. Two explosions occurred at a Texas chemical plant as unrefrigerated chemicals became unstable, fires now burn at this plant and it is currently not safe for firefighters to put out. At least one deputy and maybe 9 more went to the hospital for inhalation issues. 47 are now reported dead so far while thousands are being rescued. Over 1 million people are estimated to have evacuated their homes. The Governor has activated all of the Texas National Guard to help with those rescues. As well, in the spirit of being American, hundreds of volunteers and civilians have arrived with boats like the Cajun Navy and supplies to help their fellow neighbors. WANT TO HELP? Donate blood; they need O- & O+. Research the charities there on the ground and donate cash. Here are a few: , , Red Cross donations to this link go directly to those affected by Harvey: and Salvation Army are also choices. * Bay Area/ Many parts of California – Extreme heat wave hitting for the next 2 days. Temperatures are going to soar into the 100’s by Friday. Be aware of the extreme heat and take care of small children, animals and elders. Drink lots of water. PG&E is warning of power outages due to the extreme heat and large draw on electricity to stay cool. There are Excessive Heat Warning’s across the state. * Hurricane Irma is ramping up in the Caribbean. It may become a Category 5 hurricane and has the potential to impact Florida, the Gulf Coast (Including Texas again) or the south east coast. * Tropical Storm Lidia will impact Baja California this weekend bringing extensive rain possible as far north as San Diego before it likely turns out into the Pacific. * Gas Prices are going to spike from hurricane Harvey. Many refineries were shut down in Houston and the surrounding areas causing the nationwide increase in gas prices. You say California has its own refineries and gas mixture? I bet the prices still go up…. Just saying… * President Trump is said to be looking at ending or sharply revising DACA which is an Obama era program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. If President Trump removes the program hundreds of thousands of people will become eligible for deportation. * US Colleges – Parents and even students are showing concern with their wallets. Campuses that continue to have rallies that turn to riots or student groups that seem to run rampant squashing Freedom of speech are showing declining enrollment numbers. -Warnings/ Advisories * Excessive Heat Warning: East Bay Hills and the Diablo Range; Mountains Of San Benito County And Interior Monterey County Including Pinnacles National Monument; Santa Lucia Mountains and Los Padres National Forest; Southern Salinas Valley, Arroyo Seco and Lake San Antonio, East Bay Interior Valleys; North Bay Interior Valleys; North Bay Mountains; Northern Salinas Valley, Hollister Valley and Carmel Valley; Santa Clara Valley Including San Jose, San Francisco Bay Shoreline; Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Angeles County San Fernando Valley; Los Angeles County San Gabriel Valley; Santa Clarita Valley; Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area; Santa Ynez Valley; Ventura County Coastal Valleys; Ventura County Interior Valleys, Cuyama Valley; San Luis Obispo County Interior Valleys, Central Siskiyou County; North Central and Southeast Siskiyou County; South Central Siskiyou County; Western Siskiyou County, Northeastern Mendocino Interior; Northern Trinity; Northwestern Mendocino Interior; Southeastern Mendocino Interior; Southern Trinity; Southwestern Mendocino Interior, Del Norte Interior; Northern Humboldt Interior; Southern Humboldt Interior; Southwestern Humboldt, Burney Basin, Eastern Shasta County; Carquinez Strait and Delta; Central Sacramento Valley; Clear Lake, Southern Lake County; Motherlode; Mountains Southwestern Shasta County to Northern Lake County; Northeast Foothills, Sacramento Valley; Northern Sacramento Valley; Northern San Joaquin Valley; Shasta Lake Area, Northern Shasta County; Southern Sacramento Valley; West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada; Western Plumas County, Lassen Park, East-Central San Joaquin Valley; Mariposa, Madera, and Fresno County Foothills; Southeastern San Joaquin Valley; Southwestern San Joaquin Valley; Tulare County Foothills; West-Central San Joaquin Valley, Kern County Mountains, San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys-The Inland Empire, San Diego County Inland Valleys, Santa Ana Mountains and Foothills, Apple and Lucerne Valleys, Coachella Valley; San Diego County Deserts; San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning, Orange County Inland, Los Angeles County Mountains excluding the Santa Monica Range; San Luis Obispo County Mountains; Santa Barbara County Mountains; Ventura County Mountains, Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles, * Heat Advisory: If you are in a part of California that is not under an “Excessive Heat Warning” then you are probably under a Heat Advisory or both. * Red Flag Warning: East Bay Hills and the Diablo Range; Mountains Of San Benito County And Interior Monterey County Including Pinnacles National Monument; North Bay Mountains; Santa Cruz Mountains; Santa Lucia Mountains and Los Padres National Forest, Western Klamath National Forest, Interior Mendocino; W Mendocino NF, E Mendocino Unit, Hupa; Trinity; Van Duzen, Mad River, Interior Mendocino; W Mendocino NF, E Mendocino Unit, Lower Middle Klamath; Upper Smith, E Mendocino NF; Lake County Portion of Lake-Nappa-Sonoma RU, Central Sacramento Valley including Glenn, Colusa, Yuba, Northern Sutter, Butte County Below 1000 Ft; Eastern Portion of Shasta, Trinity NF; Northern Sacramento Valley to Southern Tehama County Line Below 1000 Ft; Northern Sierra Foothills from 1000 to 3000 Ft. Includes Nevada-Yuba-Placer RU and Anador-Eldorado RU; Southern and Eastern Mendocino NF, Southeast Edge Shasta, Trinity NF and Western Portions of Tahima, Glenn RU * Dense Smoke Advisory: Western Siskiyou County -Weather – HYDRATE – Stay cool, know the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion/ Heat Stroke (South Bay/ San Jose) EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING, HEAT ADVISORY * Sunrise - 0634hrs. Sunset - 1939hrs. * Clear and Sunny * Highs hitting 110 - lows toward 74 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. Low allergy alert from grass, High for weeds * Temperatures rise sharply for Friday and Saturday, both being near 108.We will cool slightly for Sunday to lower 100’s and then cool to the upper 80’s by Thursday. - Ring of Fire 2.8 SE of Mammoth Lakes, CA. 5.0 SSE of Ola, Russia. 5.1 SSW of Padangcermin, Indonesia. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Baghdad, Iraq – Suicide bombers attacked a state run power station north of Baghdad. At least 3 of the gunmen were wearing explosive vests during the attack. 7 people died. - CA Firearms Laws: * SB 497 had language removed that would have extended the ban on purchasing one handgun per month to any type of firearm. * Same tyranny as yesterday. Thought of the day: Stay cool! Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey

09/02/17 - 2145hrs Supplemental report California State Militia

* South Korea – South Korea is stating that North Korea has conducted another nuclear bomb test. A 5.6 magnitude quake has been reported in North Korea and this is said to be artificial and not natural. It is the hallmark of the nuclear test. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey