Reports for 2017-08-19

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08/19/17 - 0922hrs Daily report, California State Militia

* San Jose, CA – Update – San Jose Police have a suspect in custody, 27yr old Oliver Juinio. It still looks like this was a completely random act of violence which makes it even scarier. - 2 off-duty Oakland Firefighters were shot in the Japantown area of San Jose. 1 has died. This was a Family style event in a nice area of San Jose. Apparently as a large group was leaving the restaurant a man approached them and fired twice. No motive has been released and there does not seem to be any relationship between the shooter and victims. Prayers for the family of the firefighter that has died and prayers for the recovery of the firefighter that has been hospitalized that he may heal fast and strong. * United States – 1 police officer is dead and 5 others wounded, with one in critical condition. The shootings happened in three different US cities on Friday night. The locales are Kissimmee and Jacksonville, Florida and Western Pennsylvania near Uniontown. In Kissimmee the suspect, Everett Glenn Miller was arrested. In Jacksonville, the suspect was shot and killed by officers. In Pennsylvania the suspect was shot and killed by officers. * Boston, Massachusetts - A Free Speech Rally is happening in Boston today. 500 police officers will be deployed to try to keep the peace. There are also events scheduled for Atlanta and Dallas today. -Warnings/ Advisories * Beach Hazards Statement: Orange County Coastal; San Diego County Coastal Areas, Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles; Ventura County Coast * Red Flag Warning: Upper Smith * Air Quality Alert: Mariposa -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0627hrs. Sunset - 1953hrs. * Partly cloudy * Highs hitting 87 - lows toward 61 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. Low allergy alert from grass, moderate for weeds * Temperatures will stay in the lower 90s for Friday and Saturday but cool off to mid-80s for Sunday. The week is looking like it will be beautiful and mid 80s. - Ring of Fire 2.6 WNW of Mojave, 2.6 SE of Mammoth Lakes, CA. 5.5 S of Amahusu, Indonesia. 6.4 SE of Lambasa, Fiji. 5.2 E of Raoul Island, New Zealand. 5.1 W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Barcelona & Cambrils, Spain – UPDATE – An imam whose home was searched is believed to be the radicalizing force behind a cell of young men that committed the attacks in Spain. The imam died in the explosion that was linked to the terrorist group the previous Wednesday. The Muslim community in the Spanish town of Ripoll has condemned the 2 attacks. - In Barcelona a van plowed through pedestrians in a popular tourist spot. 120 injured and 14 killed. The driver of the van is believed to have been 17 year old Moussa Oukabir. In Cambrilis a car was used to ram pedestrians killing 1 woman and injuring 5. Police then killed 5 of the suspected attackers in shoot outs. The attackers were wearing fake bomb vests and carrying knives and axes. Last Wednesday night, police confirmed that a house that blew up in Alcanar, was the location of a terrorist cell that was planning a much larger attack. The explosion was from butane gas canisters they were working with. The explosion likely forced the cell to move forward with the vehicle attack. An unknown number of the cell are still at large. People of many different nationalities including from the United States (Bay Area) are part of the wounded and dead from this attack. * Turka, Finland – UPDATE - 2 dead and 7 injured in a stabbing attack. Police have shot the man who was attacking people and taken him into custody. There have been 5 additional arrests made overnight. The main suspect in the stabbings is an 18 year old Moroccan who came to Finland in 2016 seeking asylum. * Surgut, Russia – An attacker wounded 7 using a knife and axe before being shot and killed by security forces. ISIS claimed responsibility but early Russian reports said that terrorism was unlikely motive. A similar attack occurred on Friday in Wuppertal, Germany where 1 person was killed and one injured. That attacker is on the run. The motive is yet unknown but the attack did happen the same day as the attack in Finland. The attack in Russia happened one day after the attack in Finland. * Afghanistan – At least 5 Afghan policemen are dead after Taliban attacked a police checkpoint. The attack occurred in the Nawa district and an additional 6 policemen were injured. - CA Firearms Laws: * More tyranny than yesterday Thought of the day: The news will continue to be what it is. Go and laugh, love and spend some time caring about those close to you. Be good to each other. Stand up for what you believe. Strive to be the great example every day. Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey