Reports for 2017-07-21

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07/21/17 - 1506hrs Daily report

* Mariposa Co, CA – UPDATE - The Detwiler fire is now 74083 acres today. It is burning near Yosemite National Park and is only 15% contained. Mandatory evacuations for the City of Mariposa have been lifted. Governor Brown has declared a “State of Emergency” for Mariposa County. “The fire has taken out 58 residences, 60 minor structures and damaged 11 homes and another six minor structures.” * Washington, DC – Sean Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary because he was unhappy with an appointment of a new communications director. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was named as the new White House press secretary. * San Francisco, CA - -Warnings/ Advisories * Beach hazards Statement: Orange County Coastal; San Diego County Coastal Areas, Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands; Los Angeles County Coast including Downtown Los Angeles; Ventura County Coast * Air Quality Alert: Fresno; Kern; Kings; Madera; Mariposa; Merced; San Joaquin; Stanislaus; Tulare; Tuolumne * Flood Advisory: Inyo * Excessive Heat Watch: Northeast Foothills, Sacramento Valley; Northern Sacramento Valley, Northeast Foothills, Sacramento Valley; Northern Sacramento Valley * Heat Advisory: Northeast Foothills, Sacramento Valley; Northern Sacramento Valley -Weather (South Bay/ San Jose) * Sunrise - 0602hrs. Sunset - 2024hrs. * Clear and Sunny * Highs hitting 92 - lows toward 55 * No Allergy Alert from Trees. High allergy alert from grass * Temperatures will increase to mid to upper 90s for the weekend and then drop back into upper 80’s through most of next week. - Ring of Fire 2.8 E of Hollister, 4 x 2.8 in Mammoth Lakes, 2.5 NW of Covelo, CA. 5.2 ESE of Nikol’skoye, Russia. 5.1 E of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands. 5.0 NW of Ambunti, Papua New Guinea. 5.5 ESE of Port Vila, Vanuatu. - Civil Unrest/ Terrorism * Afghanistan – A US Airstrike has killed an unknown number of Afghan Security personnel in a “Friendly fire incident” in the Helmand province according to the Pentagon. * Jerusalem – 3 Palestinians and 3 Israelis have died as violence escalates. The 3 Israelis died when a Palestinian snuck into a home in the Israeli settlement of Halamish in the West Bank. He proceeded to stab three Israelis to death. Three Palestinians were killed during clashes with Security forces in the city after security measures were tightened because of previous attacks. * Raqqa, Syria – ISIS militants continue to strike back at the forces moving in on Raqqa. A counter attack involving tunnels and hideaways has allowed ISIS forces to launch a series of sneak attacks on unsuspecting positions. The attack on Raqqa is in its 7th week now. - CA Firearms Laws: * CA DOJ has submitted Assault Weapon Regulations again. Again they were submitted as “File and Print” only denying the public the opportunity to comment. NRA and CRPA are reviewing the new proposals as is the Office of Administrative Law. You can see them here: * Same tyranny as yesterday Thought of the day: ? Keep your head on a swivel and stay safe -DeltaWhiskey